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Your art reminds me of the style they use in those Adventure Quest Games. Guessing you worked for them at one point? Anyways, sick animation. Keep it up!

MiltoniusArts responds:

Haha yeah I was the Art Director on the original AQW. :)
Thank you! Glad you're liking my animations! There's more in the works!

nice animation, always count on hyun's dojo for good works lol

I genuinely jumped for joy when I saw a Bitey video in my feed. I love BItey and his lore filled adventures. I love your animations and style but this teaser doesn't seem like your previous Bitey Animations. The CGI effect in my opinion takes away from it. Bitey's running through the forest in this teaser right? It looks like hes gliding.. Unless that was the intended impression lol idk. Maybe with time I'll get used to this different style but I miss the old 2d flash. Keep up the good work :) I'm behind you every step of the way

chluaid responds:

Thanks for the support! And don't worry this isn't some new style. I just always wanted to do slow motion of Bitey through the forest. That's why his body is in slomo but the background and his hair are moving kind of semi-slomo. I guess this is what gives the impression of gliding.

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I love this game. Please make more like this.. :D

could use an instructions screen

Ahib responds:

Okay, instructions, I'll work on that

It's nice, like the concept. Keep up the work :D

bnpla responds:

thanks, it took me a lot of time to make this, it is the first time i try to do a game using a 3d engine.

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This is epic. This would be a great soundtrack for a madness combat animation! :)

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This makes me want to get a tatto of it..

I'd totally read it

I thought of NightVale.


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