Entry #2

Wacom Touch Tablet

2015-04-05 10:10:28 by crunchyfun1

So recently I got a Wacom Touch Tablet and some art programs to boot, and its alot eaier for me to draw and animate now. I usually draw by hand and upload picture using a scanner, so this digital art stuff is something to get used too. 

I've also been working on these pictures for an ongoing story called Of Jesters and Kings. 

Its on Wattpad, check it out :D




Any advice is appreaciated 

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2015-06-21 20:56:08

wow, i have one of those, but i cant do anything nearly this skilled. i just stick to my paintbrush stick figures. but the only criticism i guess would be tiny little imperfections like the wiggly looking fingers and the alignment of the stripes on the pants

crunchyfun1 responds:

aha thanks man, yea i need to smooth out some things