Entry #1

Self Proclaimed animator

2014-08-08 08:57:27 by crunchyfun1


(Creds to Hyun, Super talented animator,  I learned alot from his vids.. Thanks for the Turtorial! :D )

I've had Macromedia flash pro for a while now and I've been making some short crude animation here and there. But after seeing some nifty turtorials I've decided to make a full flash animation (ranging from about 2-3 minutes). I'm still an novice though and advice would be helpful on things like adding sound, effects, combos, etc. Lol don't expect much from me doods haha

I'll have a picture or something as a preview up soon. Thanks for the support! :D



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2014-08-08 12:03:57

Nice work!

Want to check my ones? Thus I qork on a different sector :)